Burt Watson Ford Brakes Service

Why our first-rate Ford brake service is worth stopping by for

When your Ford brakes need a full replacement, or when you need a repair that's more limited, bring your Ford F-150 pickup or your Ford Explorer to our service center at Burt Watson Ford in Pinconning, MI. We specialize in servicing Ford models with genuine Ford brake parts. Our Ford factory-trained technicians understand what your Ford needs and we have the tools and technology to do the job right.

When your Ford brakes need help, they may send you warning signals you can hear

Have you noticed a squeaking sound when you step on the brake pedal of your Ford Escape or Ford Bronco Sport? It's very possible your brakes are trying to tell you something and that something might be that your brake pads are wearing out. At Burt Watson Ford, we help customers from Linwood and Standish, MI get the new brake pads they need when it's time for replacement. But see us right away to avoid also damaging your brake rotors.

What does a full brake replacement usually involve at Burt Watson Ford?

While brake repairs can vary from one vehicle to the next, a full brake job usually means replacing the brake linings, which means the brake pads or shoes, and resurfacing the rotors or drums. We add new brake fluid and if needed, we bleed the system, looking for other components that might be worn out. More limited service can mean replacing brake pads.

Why use genuine Ford OEM parts for brake repair?

Because we use genuine Ford parts for your vehicle, you're getting the same quality your Ford Expedition or Ford Mustang was built with. With a Ford brake repair, we will use genuine Ford Motorcraft® brake and friction parts to ensure the best quality for our customers in Sterling and Bay City, MI. While it's possible to save a little money with generic parts, we don't recommend it, especially with critical safety-related components like brakes.


A sample of brake maintenance recommended for a Ford SUV or truck

It's a good idea to have us inspect your brakes with every oil change, which means we'd do an inspection at least every 7500 - 10,000 miles. But because your braking system is so vital to your family's safety, we recommend getting your brakes inspected even more often. Best-case scenario: Every six months or 6,000 miles. Quality brake service includes flushing out old brake fluid, replacing it with new, replacing brake pads and resurfacing rotors.

The frequency of your Ford brake maintenance depends on how you drive

The service guidelines above generally apply to any Ford vehicle you drive, whether it's a Ford F-Series pickup, a Ford Explorer,or a Ford Bronco Sport. But your driving style and driving conditions may require more frequent brake checkups for safety's sake. For example, you may need brake inspections more often if you regularly haul a trailer or a heavy load, or if you do a lot of hard stop-and-go driving or travel on mountain roads.


Talk to us to find out more about Ford brake maintenance

Since the demands on your braking system depend on the way you drive and your driving conditions, it's a good idea to talk to one of our service advisors about Ford brake maintenance. He can help you integrate regular brake service into your overall Ford maintenance schedule. Set up a visit to our service center soon and get the brake repair or maintenance you need at Burt Watson Ford, less than an hour from Tawas in Pinconning, MI.

Your vehicle's brakes

When you press your brake pedal, a complex system goes into motion to help keep you and your passengers safe. That's why it's so important to have highly skilled technicians service your brakes. At Burt Watson Ford, we have the right parts, tools and certified‐trained technicians to take care of your every need.

Brakes Offers

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Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee*

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Complimentary brake inspection*

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How can I tell if my brakes need servicing?

The brake system is one of the most important safety mechanisms in your vehicle. It is necessary to have it inspected regularly to ensure proper performance. We recommend a brake inspection by one of our expert technicians at every maintenance visit to ensure proper performance. 

Have your brakes inspected immediately if a continuous grinding or squeal sound is present, or if the vehicle has vibration or shudder in the steering wheel while braking

Why should I choose Burt Watson Ford for brake repair?

Our factory‐trained technicians offer a comprehensive brake inspection including:

  • Checking for even wear and measuring brake pad/shoe thickness
  • Ensuring brake lines and master and wheel cylinders aren't leaking
  • Checking rotors for hot spots and run‐outs
  • Inspecting calipers for wear, fluid leaks and movement
  • Checking anti‐lock brake sensors
  • Testing hardware and making necessary adjustments
  • Checking brake fluid condition and levels

Other benefits of Burt Watson Ford brake services include:

  • Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts
  • Full‐service maintenance and repair facility
  • Parts and labor warranties
  • Clean, comfortable waiting areas with free Wi‐Fi
  • Shuttle service to and from your home
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
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